Publikationen Protes, Metafor och den Obsoleta kroppen, 2017

The project examines the relationship between body, political economy and knowledge regimes,

with a particular interest in the conflict between technological development and a ”rediscovered corporeality.”

ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT WORK - KU at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

ResearchWeek2016 at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

ResearchWeek2015 at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

Read-a-long-lecture:Prosthesis, Metaphor and the Obsolete Body.2015 HEDDA VIÅ

Previously arranged open lectures at the Royal Institute of Art, 2014-2016:

Helena Tolvhed – Historical perspectives on body, sport and “healthism”

Christina Jansson – Knowledge bodies – Power-filled dichotomies in the maternity room

Kajsa Ekis Ekman – Crisis, body and commodification

Ylva Habel – Re-analogization – To return to the body in a digital era

Edda Manga - Depression as a subversive act, based on readings of Frantz Fanon and Judith Butler

Johan Jönson - Poetry reading

Mara Lee & Giorgio Giusti -On writing

Tobias Hübinette – On Anti-Racist Desires